All 4 members of Old School have a rich barbershop past; they all grew up listening to their dad’s s sing barbershop. Old School’s philosophy is to stay true to the musical roots of the hobby they all fell in love with as kids. To simply say they ring chords and sing the old songs is an understatement; they deliver a musical and visual delivery from the heart, which is believable, and sensitive to the song and its classic arrangement throughout.

In 2008 Old School won the Mid Atlantic District contest. A few months later, in their first International contest they became 5th place Bronze Medalists. Both in 2009 and 2010 they earned 2nd place International Silver Medals. In July of 2011 in Kansas City Old School placed 1st becoming International Gold Medal Champions!
Old School’s members have earned numerous honors individually with both with quartets and choruses throughout the society.

“One faces the future with one's past”- Pearl S. Buck

Tenor: Kipp Buckner

Kipp joined the Thoroughbred Chorus at the age of 14 with his father Ken as one of the directors, (Ken sang with International Finalist Citations quartet and the 2003 Seniors Quartet Champs The Barons). Kipp is one of the elite members of the Barbershop Harmony Society to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and one of only 3 members to have won the International Championship gold medal THREE times, 1987 - The Interstate Rivals (with Joe Connelly) and 1993 - The Gas House Gang and 2011 in Old School. He also earned chorus gold medals with the Thoroughbred Chorus and the Ambassadors of Harmony. Kipp currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his beautiful Canadian wife Kimberley, his children Kila, Keegan and Kennedy and their two dogs Moufette and Louelle.

Lead: "Awesome" Joe Connelly

AJ is the musical director for the Southern Gateway Chorus. Joe still sings with his dad (baritone from the International Medalist Roaring 20’s) in “Way Back When” from the Dixie District. Joe is the only member of the barbershop society to have won the International Championship gold medal FOUR times. 1987 – The Interstate Rivals (with Kipp Buckner), 1992 with Keepsake, 2000 in Platinum and 2011 with Old School. Joe is a sought after coach for quartets and choruses throughout the World. Joe lives in Virginia with his beautiful wife Gayle who is a very successful Sweet Adeline.

Bass: Joe "Beast" Krones

Joe has been directing choruses since the tender age of 21 and directed The West Towns Chorus, and currently is singing with The Vocal Majority Chorus. Joe first started singing in quartets at 16, and is a four time Illinois District quartet champion. 2003 International finalist quartet, Cheers!, 2007 District champ Stolen Basses (singing lead) the quartet was made up 4 basses, and Old School is the 2008 MAD quartet champion. Joe utilizes his experience and musical knowledge to coach quartets and choruses. He is the proud father of Chase and Heather. Joe currently lives in Hurst, TX with his beautiful wife Vickie.

Baritone: Jack Pinto

Jack directs the Brothers in Harmony from Hamilton Square, NJ. Jack earned a bronze medal with BSQ and has made several appearances on the international stage in quartets and as a chorus director. He has the ability to sing all four parts, which is vital for great tag singing. Jack utilizes his rich barbershop experiences and vocal knowledge to coach quartets and choruses. Jack currently lives in Hamilton, NJ with his beautiful wife Olga and their new son Daniel.